Picking the Perfect Siding Color

Posted on Jan 24, 2014

picking a siding colorNothing will have more significant of an impact on your home’s appearance than its color … and for some homeowners, that can make picking out a color for their new vinyl siding more difficult than deciding a name for their firstborn child.

“Should I go with the light mossy green with the pale blue tint or the pale blue with the light mossy green tint?”

To anyone who’s not currently making a decision like that, the answer probably sounds like a no brainer: “Just close your eyes and point.” But for those who can’t make the decision that easily, we’ve got some helpful advice.

First, consider whether you should even change the color of your home. If you’re siding your home to boost its value, improve its energy efficiency or replace old, cracking, fading and peeling wood, new vinyl siding may be a drastic enough change. Your home will still have a fresher, more refined look but you’ll be able to continue enjoying the same color you’ve been happy with for the past 20 years.

“But what if I want something different?”

Changing the color of your home is a great way to add curb appeal. If you’re ready for something new, consider what your plan is for your home. Will you be putting it on the market in the next few years, or are you planning to live in it for the rest of your life?

If you’re planning on selling, it’s important to choose a color potential buyers will like. Typically, neutral tones are the way to go. Colors like sandstone beige, linen and sterling gray are pleasing to the eye and will appeal to most tastes.

If you’re planning on spending the next few decades in your home, you should consider how you’ll feel about the color 20 years from now. Is it a classic color with timeless appeal or will it eventually look dated? Or, do you love the color so much that no amount of time will fade your affection for it?

“But what if the color I like is also the same color as my neighbor’s house?”

Sometimes the biggest roadblock people face when selecting a siding color is the color of their neighbor’s house. A homeowner may really like a certain siding shade, but is hesitant to choose it because the house next door looks similar.

In this case George Yost, owner of Yost Home Improvements, Inc., says, “Choose what you like, regardless of the color of your neighbor’s house. Ultimately the only thing that should factor in to your decision is what you want to look at on your own home every day.”

Even if you do go with a similar shade to the person next door, there are still ways to set your house apart, such as with designer vinyl trim and shutters.

“Is there a way I can see what my house will look like before it’s sided?”

Yes, when you purchase siding from Yost Home Improvements, we can provide a computerized visualization of your home so you can see how a color will transform it.