George Yost

George has been working in the family business since middle school, learning the tricks of the trade every day after the last bell rang. Today, as co-owner of the six-decade-old company, George oversees the day-to-day operations. From working with customers to handling business to business relations, George has his hands in all aspects of Yost Home Improvements. When he’s not working, George can be found flying his drone, practicing his saxophone, traveling with his wife Kathe, playing with his grandkids or working on his own house.

Albert Yost, Jr.

Co-Owner Albert, affectionately known as “Oogie,” is an integral part of Yost Home Improvements. Aside from when he served in the Coast Guard for four years, Albert has been with the company since his dad started it in 1961. Now in his 70s, Albert is still active in the field, overseeing the crews. Despite having no Irish ancestry whatsoever, Albert enjoys Irish music and performs in the (very talented) Irish band Clan O’Cleary.

Kathe Yost

Kathe oversees human relations at Yost Home Improvements, handling the payroll, insurance and other duties. Kathe has also been married to George since 1977 and is the mother of three lovely daughters (Full disclosure: Her loveliest daughter is currently writing this. Wink. Wink.). She’s also a grandmother to three boys who enjoy keeping their “Nonnie’s” hands full when they visit.

Jacquelyn Yost

Jacquelyn is Yost’s office manager extraordinaire. If you stop by our location in Waterford, you’ll most likely be greeted by her smiling face as you walk through the door (That is, if she’s not out back operating machinery or lifting heavy boxes). Jacquelyn also happens to be George and Kathe’s youngest daughter and is an excellent kitty mom. She’s also a member of the Young Professionals of Eastern Connecticut.

Meghan Yost

Meghan is the person behind this website, which she built and now maintains. She loves writing, being creative and filming and editing videos for Yost Home Improvements and our sister company Yost Manufacturing. She also loves home design, especially in the house she and her husband recently remodeled. But Meghan’s biggest joy is being a mom to her funny and sweet toddler daughter.


Born and raised in Waterford, Aaron has been working for Yost for more than a decade. He installs windows and doors and also performs estimates. Aaron says the most rewarding part of his profession is seeing the finished project and knowing he and his teammates did a good job. Aaron holds an associate’s degree in building construction and a bachelor’s degree in construction management, both from the New England Institute of Technology. Outside of work, Aaron spends time with his wife Kristin and their two daughters. He also plays the guitar.


Bill has been working at Yost Home Improvements since 1998, specializing in window, door and gutter installation. His favorite part about working at Yost is the people. When Bill’s not fixing up houses for his job, he’s working on his own house. He can also be found watching his kids play on local sports teams, coaching baseball and spending time with his longtime girlfriend Andrea.


Branden was born and raised in southeastern Connecticut. As a delivery driver for Yost, he travels all across Connecticut and beyond, making sure gutter products for Yost’s Manufacturing business arrive on time and safely. Branden loves the freedom of being on the road and flexibility that his job provides. Outside of work, he’s dad to Adrianna and also plays men’s softball and flag football. He’s also Bill’s step son.


Dan started working at Yost Home Improvements in 1995 and since then he’s been an asset to the crew. He says he enjoys installing siding, especially when he gets to see the final result. Something you might not know about Dan is he has an artistic side. You can find him sketching nature scenes or characters. He also has a passion for Volvos. “No one expects them to be fast, but they are,” Dan says.


As Yost’s shop assistant, Drew is a wiz around our sheet metal automation (SMA) machines. He helps to manufacture leaderpipe, elbows, zig zags, gutter accessories and more. His favorite part about his job is his fellow employees. He says they’re the reason he enjoys waking up in the morning and going to work. He plans on being at Yost for the long haul (and we’re happy to have him as part of the family!) Outside of work, Drew enjoys working on computers and honing his artistic skills by drawing (Like uncle, like nephew! … Did we mention he’s Dan’s nephew?)


Erik has been part of the Yost team for a decade, working on the manufacturing side of the business. As our shop manager, he says the best part of his job is the satisfaction he gets from making a quality product. In his free time Erik loves playing video games, hiking and spending time with his husband Jovan. He can also solve a Rubik’s Cube in less than a minute and thirty seconds.


Raised in Old Lyme, JR works on our window and door crew. He says he likes that his job is always changing from day to day and never the same. JR always enjoys seeing how houses transform from the start of a job to when it’s completed.


Megan joined Yost as an officer administrator in 2017. Her favorite part of the job is meeting people and getting to know the regulars. Outside of work she loves going to gym as well as hiking all over New England. She always arrives early to work because as the saying goes, ‘The early bird gets the worm!’


Mike began working at Yost in 2005 and recently rejoined the company. He’s one of the friendly faces you’ll see on our siding and gutter crews. Mike’s favorite things about his job is working outside — even in the winter — and that his “office” always has a different view. He especially loves when it’s a view close to the water. Outside of work, he’s a husband and dad to three boys. He’s also a Cub Scout and Boy Scout leader and an avid crossfitter. And we can’t forget to mention, Mike is a proud veteran who served in the First Marine Division. Hoorah!


Tyler works on the siding crew alongside Dan, who also happens to be his uncle (and his brother is Drew on our shop crew!) Not only does Tyler enjoy his job, but as an added bonus, he says everyone he works with is really nice. Outside of work Tyler enjoys working out and working on computers.


Will works on the manufacturing side of Yost, working in the shop and delivering products. He likes the fact that he works for a tight knit family business, which is says provides a more understanding environment. When he’s not working, Will loves being surrounded by the great outdoors. He likes to hunt, fish and also works on his family farm in Montville.