Maximize your home’s energy efficiency and save big on energy costs with Yost’s Energy Vault Technology® windows, which come in a variety of styles: double hung, sliding, casement/awning, bay and bow, or garden. Energy Vault Technology® windows are designed to withstand harsh winter and summer temperatures for unparalleled performance 365 days a year.

How does Energy Vault Technology® work?

The power behind Energy Vault Technology® windows comes from their unique glass system. They feature Energy Guard 3 glass, a triple pane assembly that combines two lites of multilayered vacuum-deposition soft coat Low-E insulating glass with an interior glass substrate that provides two insulating chambers of argon gas. The result is an insulated glass unit that is nearly 10 times more energy efficient than single glass.

How do Energy Vault Technology® windows work in the winter versus the summer?

energy efficient windows connecticutIn the winter, the cold, inside surface of an inefficient window pulls heat away from your body so you can feel chilly in a sweater even with the thermostat set at 70 degrees. With Energy Vault Technology® windows, the interior glass stays warmer so you can enjoy your seat by the window even when the temperature outside dips well below freezing.

In the summer, inefficient windows can seem like giant heat lamps. A typical double-paned clear glass window allows approximately 75% of the sun’s heat into your home. During the warmer months, Energy Vault Technology® windows transmit much less heat without reducing visible light.

What is Low-E glass?

Low-E (low emittance) glass has a secondary, very thin metallic coating over clear glass. Low-E coatings allow the sun’s heat and light to pass through the insulated glass but actually work to reflect radiant heat back towards its source. Radiant heat is a type of heat that is absorbed by solid objects and retransmitted back as the surroundings cool. energy efficient windows connecticutSince Low-E coatings reflect radiant heat waves, it helps keep your home warmer in the winter by trapping the radiant inside, and cooler in the summer by blocking radiant heat from your home.

There are two types of Low-E glass: hard coat and soft coat. The major differences between the two is the process by which the lass is manufactured as well as the overall thermal performance. Soft coat uses minute particles of silver that are applied onto the finished glass surface in a total vacuum. These atomic sized particles are now firmly attached to the finished glass.

What are the benefits of choosing Energy Vault Technology® windows?

Energy Vault Technology® windows do more than just lower energy bills. They create a comfortable haven year-round, reduce condensation and protect your valuables from sun damage far better than conventional clear glass and double-pane alternatives. The special glass blocks ultraviolet rays that enter your home through the windows, which can lead to furniture and carpet fading. Energy Vault Technology® windows also reduce noise levels from outside your home 300 percent more than single pane windows.

Did you know?

Yost’s state-of-the-art Energy Vault Technology® technology is also available in siding! Learn how it can boost the insulation value of your home and save you money on your energy bills by clicking here.