There’s no better way to express your sense of style and class than with PlyGem Lifestyles sliding patio doors. Choose from the standard patio door or a premium door fitting with the EuroGlide™ operating system. Also add your choice of custom decorator grids, designer glass and color combinations for a look uniquely your own.

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  • sliding patio doors new london county
  • sliding patio doors new london county

Guaranteed For Life

PlyGem Lifestyles doors are backed by an unprecedented lifetime non-prorated seal failure and moving parts warranty. It’s also transferable to the next homeowner, helping you protect and build your home’s resale value.


PlyGem sliding doors’ beautiful glass styles complement and enhance any decor or architectural style. Add an optional brass keylock for even more beauty and convenience. You’ll feel safe enough to use your door even as a primary entrance. Doors are available in 5-, 6- and 8-foot two-panel widths; 9- and 12-foot three-panel widths; or 10-, 12- and 16-foot four-panel doors.

Energy Efficient

sliding patio doors new london countyFusion-welded panels, heavy-duty weather-stripping and insulated glass combine to create a tight, energy-efficient door. A heavy-duty fiberglass-reinforced sill comes standard in offering superior strength and resists frost and condensation. Further enhance energy efficiency with optional Hi R+Plus and Maxuus glass systems.


PlyGem patio doors are made from extra-thick uiPVC with color that’s solid throughout, meaning you never have to paint, scrape or caulk. Decorator grids are also manufactured within insulated glass so cleaning is easy.


The tandem roller system makes the doors easy to slide. The roller system spreads the door’s weight over two rollers at once, eliminating the flat spots that can develop with conventional rollers.


sliding patio doors new london countyThe unique three-point locking system offers more resistance to forced entry than sliding patio doors with a single lock. When the door is closed, the system automatically engages at critical points along the jamb, pulling the panel tight for a feeling of complete security and peace of mind.

EuroGlide Premier Operating System

Upgrade your PlyGem Lifestyles patio door to include the premier EuroGlide operating system. This remarkable technology makes opening and closing your patio door effortless while also making it more secure.

sliding patio doors new london countyThe EuroGlide™ operating system integrates two major innovations. The first is a handle engineered to literally lift the door panel off the sill when it’s rotated. The second is a ball bearing roller system that enables a door weighing up to 550 pounds to glide smoothly open and closed with just the push of a finger. A mere 8 pounds of force is all it takes to operate, once in motion, compared to up to 20 pounds for standard sliding doors.

In addition, the EuroGlide™’s multi-point locking system delivers two to three times the amount of security of standard sliding doors. When the panel is closed, locking lugs engage four lock bolts strategically positioned along the door jamb for maximum security.

Designer Glass

sliding patio doors new london county

Decorative Grids

sliding patio doors new london county