George Yost

George Yost

George has been working in the family business since middle school, learning the tricks of the trade every day after the last bell rang. Today, as co-owner of the 56-year-old company, George oversees the day-to-day operations. From working with customers to handling business to business relations, George has his hands in all aspects of Yost Home Improvements. When he’s not working, George can be found practicing his saxophone, traveling with his wife Kathe, running with his daughter Meghan (see below), or working on his own house.

Albert Yost

Albert Yost Jr.

Co-Owner Albert, affectionally known as “Oogie,” is an integral part of Yost Home Improvements. Aside from when he served in the Coast Guard for four years, Albert has been with the company since his dad started it in 1961. Now in his early 70s, Albert is still active in the field, overseeing the crews. Despite having no Irish ancestry whatsoever, Albert enjoys Irish music and performs in (the very talented) Irish band Clan O’Cleary.

kathe yost

Kathe Yost

Kathe oversees human relations at Yost Home Improvements, handling the payroll, insurance and other duties. Kathe has also been married to George since 1977 and is the mother of three lovely daughters (Full disclosure: Her loveliest daughter is currently writing this. Wink. Wink.). She’s also a grandmother to three boys who enjoy keeping their “Nonnie’s” hands full when they visit.

jacquelyn yost

Jacquelyn Yost

Jacquelyn is Yost’s office manager extraordinaire. If you stop by our location in Waterford, you’ll most likely be greeted by her smiling face as you walk through the door (That is, if she’s not out back helping the boys lift heavy boxes). Jacquelyn also happens to be George and Kathe’s youngest daughter and is an excellent mother to two beautiful cats: Ellie and Gideon. She’s also a member of the Young Professionals of Eastern Connecticut and a star kickball player.

meghan yost

Meghan Yost

Meghan is the face behind this website, which she built from the ground up and now maintains. From writing blog articles to managing social media and designing brochures, Meghan is Yost Home Improvements’ resident communications expert. Meghan is also a full-time reporter for CT Style on WTNH/News 8, Connecticut’s favorite news station (to watch some of her broadcast work, click here). In July 2016, Meghan said “I do” to her hunky husband Tom.

Catherine Yost

Catherine Yost

Although Co-Founder Catherine is now retired, she frequently stops by the office to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings and lend a helping hand where she can. Now in her early 90s, Catherine is still actively involved in her church and the Daughters of Isabella club. As the matriarch of the Yost family, Catherine has five children, nine grandchildren, and seven great grandchildren and counting. She also cooks some of the best ravioli and meatballs around.



As a member of our administrative staff, you can see Barbara’s friendly face when you stop by our office or hear her lovely voice when you call. She’s been part of the Yost Home Improvements team since 1995. Outside of work, Barbara likes spending time with her three grown children and four grandchildren. She also likes escaping the cold winter weather by cruising to the Caribbean with her husband and their friends.



Erik works on the manufacturing side of the business and also delivers materials. He says the best part of his day is when he gets to operate large equipment like the forklift or delivery truck. When he’s not at work, he’s busy building computers, which he claims is “a lot easier than you think” (We’re not buying it). Erik can also be found fixing his Cannondale bike and riding it around town (even all the way to work when the weather is warmer).



Dan started working at Yost Home Improvements in 1995 and since then he’s been an asset to the crew. He says he enjoys installing siding, especially when he gets to see the final result. Something you might not know about Dan is he has an artistic side. You can find him sketching nature scenes or characters. He also has a passion for Volvos. “No one expects them to be fast, but they are,” Dan says.



Bill has been working at Yost Home Improvements since 1998, specializing in window, door and gutter installation. His favorite part about working at Yost is the people. Bill especially likes working alongside Albert, who he says is very knowledgable (either that or he’s just trying to butter him up). When Bill’s not fixing up houses at his job, he’s working on his own house that he bought last year. He can also be found spending time with his children and longtime girlfriend Andrea.



Born and raised in Waterford, Aaron has been a member of the crew for eight years, installing windows, doors and gutters. He says the most rewarding part of his profession is seeing the finished project and knowing he and his teammates did a good job. Aaron holds an associate’s degree in building construction and a bachelor’s degree in construction management, both from the New England Institute of Technology. Outside of work, Aaron likes playing the guitar and hanging out with his new wife Kristin.